D5411: restore the "current" color scheme concept

Marco Martin noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Apr 20 13:48:52 UTC 2017

mart added inline comments.


> davidedmundson wrote in colorscm.cpp:134
> What is this about?
> blocking signals is a sign of something else being seriously wrong.

this is just copied from the old revision before the current entry was removed...
it can be safely removed as i prefer anyways that it highlights the actual current theme (like breeze) instead of the fake entry named "current"

> davidedmundson wrote in colorscm.cpp:458-459
> If the current design is for saving to be handled by signaling from the dialog to the KCM which does the actual saving. You should handle apply in the same way.

no, the saving is handled completely in the editor dialog.
this reloads the tiny previews, that is anyways a good thing to do in case of applied as well

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