D5497: Improved Suggestions Model

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  > Isn't mycroft supposed to do the language parts? is it mandatory to have this huge list?
  mycroft is doing the language parts, but i don't think currently i can utilize its skills output capability yet for a recommender system. For something like auto complete or presenting a choice of suggestions for the user to choose from i am manually creating an offline recommender system based of category based filtering so i need to support that huge word list or provide some alternative feed to the filtering system with words to lookup and match from.  If i require mycroft to work as a recommender system out of the box currently I'd i have to make changes to the upstream core files and fork it that is another package management and mycroft core maintenance issue all together. I will look into moving all of the word and suggestions list in some kind of offline DB or fetch words from a source online to keep it more clean.

  R846 Mycroft Plasma integration


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