D5429: Add option to focus some widgets only on keyboard input

Eike Hein noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Apr 13 17:31:21 UTC 2017

hein added a comment.

  There's no tickets. This change is the result of a QA session over at Netrunner where we noticed the following behavior pattern for the tab bar widget:
  1. If you just click a tab, there is usually no focus indicator line shown
  2. If you use the Tab key to reach a tab bar by keyboard, the indicator line is shown
  3. The indicator then remains shown when using arrow keys or the mouse
  4. Once a different control is clicked, the indicator moves, and does not show again on a tab when clicked
  This is different to e.g. checkboxes, where the indicator is always shown, whether clicked or tabbed to.
  I.e. tab bars have some extra smartness where the indicator is only shown when initially focused by keyboard.
  Marco's patch attempts to generalize this smartness so that the indicator is generally only shown when a control is focused by keyboard.
  This also helps fix some bugs where some dialogs have a focus indicator shown on the tab bar when they are opened and some do not, depending on which control was set to have default focus in the code. Sometimes switching tabbed dialog pages also moves the indicator to a random control for the same reason.
  I personally can't confirm the "like GTK+" thing. While it's true GTK+ seems to have less of the last kind of bugs, with tab bars I've seen both behaviors inconsistently there (sometimes smart, sometimes not) and checkboxes always show the indicator on click.
  I think if well-tested this change could be pretty cool.

  R31 Breeze


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