D5405: Create desktop file name based on organization domain unless set explicitely

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Wed Apr 12 19:34:32 UTC 2017

ltoscano added a comment.

  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D5405#101624, @graesslin wrote:
  > In https://phabricator.kde.org/D5405#101621, @ltoscano wrote:
  > > In https://phabricator.kde.org/D5405#101615, @graesslin wrote:
  > >
  > > > The desktop file name should follow the way how the dbus name is created. If the applications are broken, then they are broken. Given that I mentioned this several times at KDE conferences, blogged about it, sent mails to KDE devel lists I assume the application maintainers don't care whether their applications work on Wayland. Which is totally fine. Then let them stay broken.
  > >
  > >
  > > When you talk about "desktop file name", do you mean the method desktopFileName() in KAboutData, or the real file name of the desktop file?
  > Here I meant the method in Kaboutdata.
  > > Also: I did not maintain an application back then and I missed those notifications. Could you please link at least one reference to the explanation (or which Akademy)? I will get the others from that.
  > https://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2015/07/porting-qt-applications-to-wayland/
  Thanks. I guess it's the section "Setting window icon", but:
  - there are no references to D-Bus, which you referred to in the previous comment (not also in the rest of the page in this context);
  - the "domain name" link refers to organizationDomain. The problem here is that the icon was not visible in applications were  organizationDomain was properly set, because the homepage was used when setting the desktop file name. So setDesktopFileName must be used explicitly, and maybe it was not available when you wrote the blog post, could you please add a note there to reference that method?

  R244 KCoreAddons


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