D5405: Create desktop file name based on organization domain unless set explicitely

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Apr 12 15:50:57 UTC 2017

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  Having slept over this one night, I still think that this change should be not the way to go to fix the seen issues.
  The actual problem is bad usage in application code, usually due to lack of knowledge what is needed.
  The documented API of KAboutData, especially  AboutData::setDesktopFileName() <https://api.kde.org/frameworks/kcoreaddons/html/classKAboutData.html#a112d2fc20c31e7847995930e030cc67b>, is very explicite what needs to be done and when. This patch would change this behaviour and runs a chance to break things for application code which relies on the documented behaviour.
  Changing this behaviour to help application code whose authors never bothered to get things only means screwing over those application developers who did the effort to read up in the API dox and write proper code.
  If we were to redesign this API, the behaviour proposed in this patch would be fine IMHO. So IMHO please add a comment to change things for KF6, as that the desktopfilename should be auto-generated not in the constructor and then be fixed, but from the currently set component name and org domain. Unless set explicitely to a value.
  What could be done here, is to add some example code to the class API dox, for the section "Detailed Description", which would serve as some template code how to use the existing API for application metadata, together with the needed desktopfile name and/or D-Bus names. And then write a blog post to try to catch more people's awareness of this issue, pointing out also all applications which have been fixed already.
  Some additional unit tests for KAboutData around the issue would be good to have as well.

  R244 KCoreAddons


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