Default touch screen edge gestures

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Tue Apr 11 13:09:53 UTC 2017

Am 11. April 2017 15:00:21 MESZ schrieb Marco Martin <notmart at>:
>On Tuesday 11 April 2017, Martin Gräßlin wrote:
>> >is quite annoying when such accidental activations happen. Again,
>> >is
>> >only, specifically, for full screen applications, not for the
>> >case,
>> >where the rest of the system is visible.
>> >
>> >  Hope that is an at least marginally useful comment on the topic.
>> I haven't tested it yet, but for mouse screen edges are reserved for
>> fullscreen applications. As touch shares the screen edge code this
>> also be the case there. But as said: I haven't tested yet.
>or, by default only have gestures on top and bottom edge, and leave
>left and 
>right to applications (which, the user is free to override)

on Wayland applications cannot take any edge anyway as they don't know their position. Which means that technically edge swipe is constrained to the compositor.

Only for fullscreen windows the app could start to do assumptions.

So given this technical constraint I would not suggest to restrict ourselves for the notebook case.

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