[Breeze] [Bug 378606] Please replace those childish avatar images

Roman Gilg bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Mon Apr 10 23:33:45 UTC 2017


--- Comment #15 from Roman Gilg <subdiff at gmail.com> ---
I don't know for sure why your bug report / wishlist item is again closed
without further comment slartibart70, but I assume it's because of your
aggressive tone in the beginning and the unfriendly title. So if you,
slartibart70, have a huge incentive to improve the current default avatar set
(you're not the only one, who wants that), I would encourage you to open up a
new wishlist item and start this one with a more friendly tone. I hope this is
also in the interest of the other devs and designers.

In any case it would probably be better to not only open a new wishlist item
(which might fail to gather the needed attention without the drama ;) ), but to
directly create a new set of avatars, which you think are preferable. If you
aren't a designer yourself, maybe you can organize like-minded designers for
this project. We have several tools and communication channels to help you on

In general I would like to try to encourage people like you with a drive for
something to join the development process instead of just closing them out
because of some first imprudent harsh words.

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