[Breeze] [Bug 378606] Please replace those childish avatar images

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Mon Apr 10 14:58:45 UTC 2017


--- Comment #4 from slartibart70 at gmail.com ---
it's not your fault if distros choose silly avatar icons.

I mean, the samples you showed in http://i.imgur.com/eOZn8D8.png are the
problem i am speaking of. No offence, but why are the blue/green icons the ones
chosen by default (esp. the 'user' icon)?
What about a more 'technical' looking avatar/icon that is taken first?

See, you/the plasma team have come to great lengths choosing an appropriate
style for the whole user experience. The icon sets, the themes, the colors...
maybe not to everyones taste, but uniform (btw, i like it!)

And now, we start greeting a first time user to plasma with the blue/green user
avatar? A hairless bloke with a big nose????
I have no problem choosing another avatar, but you should think of new users of
the plasma DE and their first impressions. The 'other' DE's are a bit more on
the 'serious side', you can select - even silly - images if you don't agree to
the default avatar. But the default looks just suitable to the rest of the DE

I completely agree with funny or silly avatar icon sets. Please keep them in
the selection. I don't even mind the hairless bloke in the list. But give the
users a fitting initial choice and don't rely on the distributions to provide
proper avatars.

I mean, take the previous (<5.9.4) technical avatar image consisting of just
circles. Clean, fitting to the breeze icon set. Just... OK. Not fancy, nothing
too shiny. And gender neutral.

Even if you - as a user - wouldn't care about avatars you weren't forced to
change it, because it was a technical thing and not disturbing. Now, every time
you open the application-kicker menu or lock the screen, this blue/green avatar
thingy grins at you.

I have the feeling, that now you push users to make an active approach into
changing this.
If this was the intention, then you succeeded...

Please do understand: I am very happy with the new plasma experience, the
modifications and the experiments and their implications. For example, it also
took some time for the logoff dialog to become what it is today.
I see this avatar stuff pretty similar, it will change eventually into
something proper.
But as far as i am concerned, i would opt for a 'breezy' looking avatar as a
default. Something non-disturbing when you open menus or lock your screen. This
shouldn't be too hard, should it? Just take the old one for starters

Anyway, thanks for the comments!
I didn't expect a discussion to start, so please accept my apologies if the
initial bugticket was too harsh. But i think opinions need to be shared...

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