D5339: Include a bottom toolbar for the application page

Jens Reuterberg noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sat Apr 8 10:15:43 UTC 2017

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  I think both are good (but man those colours Aleix :D also the text should be white) 
  The logic behind the alternatives for posterity:
  1. Buttons on bottom of Detail view - the install button in the detail view is there for those who will want to read information about the application. The goal being that all applications should have a wealth of meta data (we're not there yet but "one day" etc) and since a user can install from the middle column as well the assumption is that a user in the detail view will be interested in the information within. So the bottom right is in that case (and in the case of left-to-right reading of course) is the naturall place for such a button.
  2. Buttons on the top of Detail view - the back button is in this case slightly more natural as it resembles a breadcrumb its a page system and that is where its often expected, that being said the downside is that it camoflages the install button. Since we don't have coloured buttons and can't make the install button pop out that makes it slightly more tricky.
  3. Coloured areas instead of buttons - this is the tack-and-paste solution to #2's problem. By making strikingly coloured areas instead of buttons we can essentially put the install button wherever we like since it will scream for attention no matter what.

  R134 Discover Software Store


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