Complex text input in Plasma

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Fri Apr 7 13:46:03 UTC 2017

Am 2017-04-07 07:56, schrieb Takao Fujiwara:
>> Due to that: no chance for IM controlling part of our stack. We 
>> control the IM.
> Probably I think this way would not work with IBus.
> Each IBus IME are called by IBus dbus method. You hardly ask each IME
> maintainer to change the protocol.
> IBus daemon would be the controller of IBUs IMEs.

I think I need to describe in a better way how I envision the future 

I want to have the IM daemon merged into the wayland compositor. So KWin 
would talk directly with the IM through library calls and the composed 
text would be sent from KWin to the application through the Wayland 
text-input protocol.

I want to eliminate the IPC between applications and IM daemon.

If we are going to touch this code we can strive for the best solution 
and not keep stuck on the approach used on X11. And yes that might need 
adjusting the IMEs. But they need to be adjusted anyway. We wouldn't 
have this discussion if it would just work on Wayland.


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