D5309: Hoist the actions overlay out of the frame loader.

Eike Hein noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Apr 6 22:02:20 UTC 2017

hein added a comment.

  [10:14:07] <kbroulik> Sho_: listview mode in popup is broken in RTL in FolderView with your patch (didnt check if it's actually the patch but I recall it working)
  [10:18:26] <Sho_> kbroulik: i saw that but i felt like i saw it in the past and it fixes itself if you keyboard nav so i chalked it up to the usual qt gridview rtl bugs
  [10:18:46] <Sho_> are you sure it doesn't happen without the patch?
  [10:20:38] <kbroulik> no, let me try
  [10:21:06] <kbroulik> git stash'd my p-d and now it's working
  [10:21:28] <kbroulik> git stash apply, now it's broken again
  For me it happens with and without this patch, doesn't seem related.

  R119 Plasma Desktop


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