[KWin Question] - KWin authorize external docks to manipulate tasks and windows

Michail Vourlakos mvourlakos at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 09:57:26 UTC 2017

> to see if it's due to xwayland, you can try to do
> export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland
> then launch it from the same terminal and see what happens

Hello Marco!

in x session, if I use your guidelines an error message occurs that such 
display can not be found

in wayland session, if I use your guidelines Latte is starting but 
before creating the dock windows is crashing... I suppose this is 
because we havent enabled yet the wayland surfaces creation yet

in wayland session, if I just run the app it runs ok... the following 
screenshot shows the about windows of dolphin and latte in a wayland 
session... the first one is using wayland and the second xcb...

I suppose this means that we use xwayland

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