[KWin Question] - KWin authorize external docks to manipulate tasks and windows

Michail Vourlakos mvourlakos at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 07:09:55 UTC 2017


Hello everyone...

Merging Now Dock with Candil Dock we managed to release
Latte Dock the last weekend and we are more than happy to use only
kde and plasma technologies!! :) In the next phase of Latte development we
trying to make a plan for supporting wayland... Yesterday I managed to open
wayland session in openSUSE Tumbleweed for plasma 5.9
(it just run with the official packages with no adjustments) and tried to
Latte just for fun in it, so it opened and it looked fantastic! :) I
suppose it uses
the xwayland to achieve this... you can see a screenchot for it  at:


we havent added yet any wayland specific code and we were expecting crashes
etc. but this
didnt happen... many kudos for everyone working around wayland porting

Being in that point we would like please an update concerning the use of
kwayland from
external apps like Latte...

What is the situation in plasma 5.9, is there a way to access these
privileged apis?
if not, are there any plans when such support may be possible?

thank you very much once more !!!


2016-12-21 21:16 GMT+02:00 Martin Gräßlin <mgraesslin at kde.org>

> send from wrong address...(or kmail is broken)
> Am 2016-12-21 20:15, schrieb Martin Gräßlin:
>> Hi,
>> currently every window gets access. This will change soon. The
>> implementation for authorization is already on the whiteboard left to
>> me :-)
>> Basically the required interface will be restricted. The
>> identification will be based on process ids with a root (!) owned
>> global configuration file.
>> At runtime any access without authorization will simply abort the
>> application. It will raise a Wayland protocol error which will result
>> in application termination.
>> There might be a protocol added to ask the user for authorization. But
>> that will be runtime, that is every time the user restarts the
>> application it will be asked again. But that's a secondary step. The
>> first will be to just shut down any access to these privileged
>> interface.
>> Most likely this will be introduced with Plasma 5.10 or 5.11.
>> Cheers
>> Martin
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