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  We discussed migration during today's Plasma weekly meeting, here's the log:
  ‎[19:23] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ anyhooow
  ‎[19:23] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ next there's two tricky things i wanted to inquire about because they need some team think
  ‎[19:24] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ the first is, ivan's been working on making kicker favorites kastats-based, which makes them per-activity, but also global and shared across all launcher instances
  ‎[19:24] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ the work has been progressing nicely and is getting closer to being merged
  ‎[19:24] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ but i'm concerned about the migration process
  ‎[19:25] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ right now the way migration works is that the first kicker-based launcher that kicks it off gets its favorites migrated, and then all others use the migrated favorites
  ‎[19:25] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ which means there's a russian roulette race picking which faves to migrate and all the others get lost
  ‎[19:25] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ i don't think that's good enough, but it's hard to code up something else
  ‎[19:25] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ what do we do?
  ‎[19:25] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ so cases with multiple kickers with different favorites will be extremely rare, but the handful of users that have it will have it broken
  ‎[19:26] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ not that rare actually
  ‎[19:26] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ quite a few users use a regular kicker + dashboard with diff faves
  ‎[19:26] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ (in fact, i expect angry bug reports about forcing them to be shared soon)
  ‎[19:26] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ another thing, would be on plasma size completely forget about whatever is stored, but have another process (a kconfigupdate?)
  ‎[19:26] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ that runs first and scans the whole configuration file
  ‎[19:27] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ then "merges" the favorites in one big lists and dumps it into kastats?
  ‎[19:27] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ that sounds pretty good
  ‎[19:27] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ we'd still lose sorting, but at least get the superset
  ‎[19:27] ‎<‎d_ed‎>‎ why make it another process?
  ‎[19:27] ‎<‎d_ed‎>‎ plasma has it's own scripted updates
  ‎[19:27] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ it has? :D
  ‎[19:27] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ ah, as a scripted updated
  ‎[19:27] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ hm, yeah
  ‎[19:28] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ (fwiw, i'll dump this chat log into the phab ticket for the thing so ivan is in the loop later)
  ‎[19:28] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ i think we at the very least need the superset migration, data loss is imho not an option
  ‎[19:28] ‎<‎d_ed‎>‎ ShellCorona::processUpdateScripts()
  ‎[19:28] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ a scripted updated may also be executed at the proper moment
  ‎[19:29] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ tough, is there any desktop scripting way to populate that?
  ‎[19:29] ‎<‎d_ed‎>‎ to populate the activities DB?
  ‎[19:29] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ (that -> favorites in kastats)
  ‎[19:29] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ i suddenly felt a dejavu
  ‎[19:29] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ i think i remember telling ivan we need a kastats scripting api to populate global favs in plasma scripting
  ‎[19:29] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ also for isv default favs ...
  ‎[19:30] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ because i don't know how he intends to do distro default favs
  ‎[19:30] ‎* ‎Sho_‎‎ is getting concerned we can really do this for 5.10 still, even as advanced as the work is, and sponsor pressure to get it in
  ‎[19:31] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ and tbh, as i said as far as 1-2 years ago, i'm still not even sure forcing all launchers to have the same favs is good and serves all users correctly
  ‎[19:31] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ are there places other people can work on?
  ‎[19:31] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ sure
  ‎[19:31] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ it's in a branch, so if you e.g. want to take a stab at the migration stuff, i'm sure ivan would appreciate it (and me)
  ‎[19:31] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ the phab ticket is also up to date with all our testing correspondence and debuging/testing instructions
  ‎[19:31] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ and even a testcase list
  ‎[19:32] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ again, would need api from desktop scripting tough
  ‎[19:32] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ but yeah, i can look into that
  ‎[19:33] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ thanks
  ‎[19:33] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ let's try to stay on that ball throughout this week
  [19:36] ‎<‎d_ed‎>‎ Sho_: got a branch name?
  ‎[19:36] ‎<‎d_ed‎>‎ and/or phab link
  ‎[19:38] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ how is the logic? after how many windows/what size should it get a scrollbar?
  ‎[19:38] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ d_ed: for the dialog or the faves?
  ‎[19:38] ‎<‎llucas‎>‎ What about backporting a fix for system settings crash with qt 5.7.1?
  ‎[19:38] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ notmart: the dialog is limited to like one third of screen height or something
  ‎[19:39] ‎<‎notmart‎>‎ in master, getting the scrollbar correctly
  ‎[19:39] ‎<‎Sho_‎>‎ d_ed: ivan/new-favourites-per-activity in plasma-desktop + https://phabricator.kde.org/D3805
  ‎[19:39] ‎<‎sKreamer‎>‎ Diff 3805 "Per-activity favorites (Final, again?)" [Needs Review] https://phabricator.kde.org/D3805


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