D5029: Use seccomp for implementing a sandbox for kscreenlocker_greet

Martin Gräßlin noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Apr 2 07:12:05 UTC 2017

graesslin added inline comments.


> subdiff wrote in seccomp_filter.cpp:41
> Why not create it explicitly? Calling supportsThreadedOpenGL to do it seems like a hack.

True, it's a hack. But creating a working gl context is nothing I want to do here and is nothing I can do in a way which ensures that it will work in all cases for Qt.

This one method does exactly what we need. It creates a Gl context which works for Qt and destroys it again. Overall it means we can get rid of a few hundred lines of code.

So I personally think that this hack is justified in this case.


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