Moving plasma-mediacenter to extragear

Sinny Kumari ksinny at
Thu Jul 21 09:01:03 UTC 2016

On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 2:29 PM, Bhushan Shah <bhush94 at> wrote:
> Hello plasma team,
> I am not much happy to write this, but here it goes,
> Since last three Plasma release it always bugged me that there were no
> usefull changes in plasma-mediacenter, mostly because after being
> contracted by Bluesystems I got involved into Plasma Mobile related
> work and didn't manage to find time to work on plasma-mediacenter.
> I already have some work branches in plasma-mediacenter which enables
> the containment which can work nicely with remote controller, and other
> local work branch for medialibrary improvements. However with the speed
> plasma releases are happening I am too hesistent to merge those as it
> would break things and I may or may not get time to fix those in time.
> So therefore, I am proposing to move plasma-mediacenter to D or
> playground and not release it with Plasma/5.8 anymore. In extragear or
> playground I will be able to define my own release scedule and cycle,
> and merge my changes.

+1, make sense to move to extragear with current situation.

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