[Differential] [Updated] D2089: Rewrite Window List plasmoid.

hein (Eike Hein) noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Jul 4 19:08:29 UTC 2016

hein marked 10 inline comments as done.
hein added a comment.

  I'm doing some other tweaks and then updating with the fixes.


> broulik wrote in main.qml:94
> Does this ever happen? focus != activeFocus

Yes. ScrollArea is a FocusScope. The ListView never loses focus, the ScrollArea does.

> broulik wrote in main.qml:113
> Doesn't ListView take care of highlight placement and visibility?

Removed and replaced with highlightMoveDuration.

> broulik wrote in main.qml:121
> Unused id


> broulik wrote in main.qml:142
> Just make this the MouseArea, saves you one Item per delegate


> broulik wrote in main.qml:157
> This is the default

I prefer being explicit, but dropped.

> broulik wrote in main.qml:186
> Layout.preferredWidth? I've seen wonkiness with IconItem and Layouts as it has an implicitWidth/height and that has priority over width/height as far as Layout is concerned


> broulik wrote in main.qml:199
> Use RowLayout instead of Row and then Layout.fillWidth?


> broulik wrote in main.qml:211
> There's a KeyNavigation attached property where you can tell it which the next tab/backtab/up/down item is

I know. KeyNavigation never really works well for me, and has issues when you try to combine it with Keys.* as you usually have to when working with the item views. I prefer just stickig to Keys for consistency. It's more or less the same code anyways.

> broulik wrote in main.qml:218
> event.accepted twice, inside and outside the if

Thanks, copy and paste accident. Now I can actually remove the onUpPressed/onDownPressed again :-).

> broulik wrote in main.qml:309
> QtQuick Controls Button from which PlasmaComponents Button inherits automatically handles Accessible automatically


> broulik wrote in main.qml:388
> Is that API even supported still? We have Plasmoid.toolTipMainText, Plasmoid.toolTipSubText etc

Well, it worked ... I kept that part from the old code. I changed it now though.

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