Which applications does the Plasma team recommend to use with Plasma?

Thomas Pfeiffer thomas.pfeiffer at kde.org
Mon Jul 4 12:43:07 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,
every now and then, distributions approach us asking which applications they 
should ship by default with Plasma, or they complain about us not providing such 
Although the Plasma team of course does not have to provide such information, it 
may still be helpful also for us because we can try to make sure that these 
applications work well in Plasma.
Choosing such applications is not an easy task, but to get things started, a 
group of people who were stranded in Bielefeld waiting for their trains after a 
meeting sat together to come up with an initial suggestion. Here is the result:

File manager: Dolphin
Music player: Cantata
Video player: VLC
Document viewer: Okular
Software center: Discover
Communication: Konversation, KDE Telepathy (cautiously, because while it works 
well at the moment, it is also looking for a maintainer)
Password storage: KWalletmanager, kwallet-pam
Hardware support: Skanlite, Print manager
Utilities/system tools: KCalc, KDE Connect, Konsole, KSysguard, Kate, Kamoso (if 
a distro wants to ship a webcam app at all)
Office suite: We do not recommend one at the moment
Pim suite: We do not recommend one at the moment.
Browser: We do not recommend one at the moment

If an applicaiton does not show up in this list, this does of course not mean we 
don't like the application or the team behind it, it just means that we 
_currently_ don't feel confident to recommend it to users.

This is our initial proposal, now we'd like to get the input from the rest of 
the Plasma team!


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