Review Request 127225: ShellCorona is responsible for the memory management of views

David Edmundson david at
Mon Feb 29 16:43:36 UTC 2016

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Review request for Plasma.

Repository: plasma-workspace


Views shouldn't decide to delete themselves.
ShellCorona is responsible for managing them, it should be the one managing them in all cases.

bring panelContainmentDestroyed and ddesktopContainmentDestroyed in line


  shell/panelview.cpp 66a1c24d14dd043a9feb5f07724987d7de50aa68 
  shell/shellcorona.h b04b102362096ed1d177aceaa1b3d37edc962e43 
  shell/shellcorona.cpp ea3768a8e5a66564ebaa5a0e53ad571a61461484 



kquitapp5 with panels
removed a panel and clicked undo
removed a panel and waiting 40 seconds


David Edmundson

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