Review Request 127199: Avoid blocking DBus calls in SNI startup

David Edmundson david at
Sat Feb 27 14:58:36 UTC 2016

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Review request for Plasma.

Repository: plasma-workspace


All autogenerated qtdbus property fetches are synchronous.

1) Don't bother checking the protocol version.
If the signals are the same, we may as well try and use the old signals,
if it's not - the signals won't match anything anyway so it won't do
anything anyway.

2) Replace the blocking RegisteredStatusNotifierItem request with an
async variant.

CCBUG: 359611


  dataengines/statusnotifieritem/CMakeLists.txt c28312ea4292aaf9a610e5ff8435e08f520c7839 
  dataengines/statusnotifieritem/statusnotifieritem_engine.cpp 08a8c869f4e1a1445d15f3a4d9fb6fb7e62c3d32 



Ran statusnotifieritem test
restarted plasmashell
test icon showed up


David Edmundson

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