[Season of KDE] A bug in Plasma Media Center

Aditya Sharma aditya.sharma15696 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 17:39:13 UTC 2016

Hey everyone !

I'm in the final stages of my SoK project and have come across this bug
that I cannot figure out. Here are the details.

Project: Plasma Media Center
Link: https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/workspace/plasma-mediacenter
Branch: aditya/shell

For local media that is either 'Music' or 'Video', we have details about
its time duration that is how long the media is.

Carefully look at image [1]. Everything seems alright. The time duration is
where it should be.
Now look at image [2]. This is the bug.

Steps to reproduce:

- Compile the branch aditya/shell
- Run PMC using `plasmashell -ap org.kde.plasma.mediacenter`
- Select `Music`
- A list should appear consisting of your local music files.
- Press `Backspace <- Key` to go back
- Now select `Music` again.
- You'll notice something along the lines of image [2] . The time is
shifted to the left.

Additional Notes: If the list is large enough, and you can scroll using
mouse wheel, you'll notice that after you scroll a few times, the top few
rows of music media show the correct output (The time is to the right as

Anybody ever seen this before ? Any ideas ?

[1] Correct : http://imgur.com/OArbS6i
[2] Bug : http://imgur.com/ZfudrtC

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