Plasma Mobile Components -> Kirigami (?)

Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Feb 24 13:36:45 UTC 2016

On Tuesday 23 February 2016 12:51:12 Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
> We could even play with it immediately when announcing the name, saying
> something like "You all know how much we love names with a K, but this time,
> instead of just randomly replacing Cs with Ks, we found a name that comes
> with a built-in K (thank you, Japanese)!"
> Like Material Design, Kirigami would be more than just a set of UI
> components, it comes with its own design philosophy documented in the HIG.

I interpret the lack of answers as nobody having issues with it.. so I think I 
can start making preparations for the move

(of course not immediately, so if somebody has anything to object, speak now 
or be quiet forever :p )

Marco Martin

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