Spread to more platforms - Randa Meetings 2016 open for registration

Mario Fux kde-ml at unormal.org
Tue Feb 23 15:55:04 UTC 2016

Good morning everyone

I'd really love to see some of you guys working on Plasma Mobile and its 
components. Our topic:

multi-platform end-user application development. This includes stuff like 
improving KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5) on other platforms like MS Windows, Android 
or Apple’s MacOSX, presenting and discussing how software distribution works 
on other systems than GNU/Linux (Windows installers, app stores and 
application bundles) and learning from the experience projects like Krita, 
digiKam, Rkward, Kdenlive & Co collected. We’d like to bring this information 
to more KDE Applications and work on this during a full week.

So if you're interested and can help please go to:
and add yourself.

And spread this information and tell people that could be of great help. Don't 
hesitate to contact me for further information.

Thanks and cu soon

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