repo freeze on Thursday

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Mon Feb 15 12:50:46 UTC 2016

> We'd best release it then, the final will be after 5.20 is out and distros will
> expect it to work with 5.20.

We will also need to make a -1 release for it - if somebody updates
frameworks to 20 before 5.6 is released.

Before I send the group list, what do you think is the best way (with
your packager hat on) to handle moving of the kio, kcm, fileitem
plugin from the kactivities repo into plasma-workspace, kio-extras...

I was thinking to make a single transition release (these three are
currently in a scratch repository - was agreed with Ben that there is
no need to create a proper repository that would exist only until 5.6)
for the period between when the user upgrades to kf 5.20 and before
the upgrade to plasma 5.6.


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