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Sun Feb 14 12:09:01 UTC 2016

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Review request for Localization and Translation (l10n), Plasma and John Layt.


Submitted with commit fea67bd2ae7549e88952ac6dbcf90392d0ee1458 by Pino Toscano to branch master.

Repository: plasma-workspace


Instead of an hardcoded list of translations of country names, look them up in the iso_3166 domain, provided by iso-codes.  The names of countries are changes to their ISO 3166 versions in iso-codes.

Look for iso-codes in cmake, but just as indication of it as runtime dependency.


  applets/digital-clock/plugin/CMakeLists.txt c22c82a75fe6efecc4a249ebd7e045a6f0385ac5 
  applets/digital-clock/plugin/timezonesi18n.cpp 6bb465e68bfba4695c79898d630dec5a7075a058 
  cmake/FindIsoCodes.cmake PRE-CREATION 



With Plasma 5.3 (but this code is the same as in master), the configuration of timezoned in the digital clock is translated according to iso-codes.


Pino Toscano

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