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Sat Feb 13 16:34:40 UTC 2016

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Review request for Plasma, KDE Usability and Vishesh Handa.


Submitted with commit 8ef9db163f6bc92b1b74bb3bc142fac72f016beb by Kai Uwe Broulik to branch master.

Repository: plasma-workspace


When in single runner mode (ie. only use a specific runner rather than querying them all) show the name of the current runner.

This restores Plasma 4 behavior and is also somewhat in preparation for the global menu runner where it should be clear that I would currently be searching through the current application's menu.


  lookandfeel/contents/runcommand/RunCommand.qml 43f7c55 



Name properly shows, layout works both ways without the window getting wider.

I just noticed I could probably hide the category label next to the search result, too, as it's now redundant but I don't know whether a runner can still set a different value for that or if that's always just the runner name?

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Kai Uwe Broulik

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