Feature: remove application by dragging it over the trash icon

Marcin SÄ…gol marcin at soee.pl
Fri Feb 5 08:49:24 UTC 2016


i have discussed this a bit with mck182 and Sho at #plasma IRC channel 
but i would also other developers to share their opinion abut this feature:

mac os allows their users to drag an app icon over the trash and than it 
gets removed/uninstall. It would be great to have similar functionality 
in Plasma, for example: imagine someone is using Application Dashboard 
(fullscreen launcher) where apps overview is pretty nice, he grabs than 
some app icon, moves it over trash icon (also located in application 
dashboard) and the app gets removed from system :)

I think it would be great feature that will help users to manage their 
apps and keep system cleaner (no need to run any application, center or 
package manager directly).

Thanks, and i hope someone could make it happen :)
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