Review Request 126961: Fix the infamous Plasma::Applet::Actions crash

David Edmundson david at
Wed Feb 3 17:32:37 UTC 2016

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Review request for Plasma.


Submitted with commit 5a1a411b41f950e97d80ff7c898052fb6d02fb1a by David Edmundson to branch master.

Bugs: 351777

Repository: plasma-workspace


We were mixing KScreen and QScreen API badly.

Corona.cpp checks we are requesting a containment for a valid screen
if (screen >= 0 && screen < numScreens()) {

This fails as numScreens() is Qt API based, whereas the signal we're
adding the output for is ShellCorona::addOutput so we have an effective race condition.

BUG: 351777


  shell/shellcorona.cpp 762e503bf59fe648fb0f5b76a36229aa43c563e5 



Started Plasma on dual screen.

Ideally we need to do more testing before backporting, as that entire codebase is a disgrace.


David Edmundson

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