Review Request 125266: Authentication with certificates / Make MRU/MTU editable / Dialog fix

René Fürst rene at
Tue Feb 2 22:17:23 UTC 2016

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Review request for Network Management and Plasma.


Submitted with commit b4c7cf28c3fea1ce54ca86d7d65494cc861b69bf by Lamarque V. Souza on behalf of Rene Furst to branch master.

Repository: plasma-nm


Authentication with certificates / Make MRU/MTU editable / Dialog fix


  vpn/l2tp/l2tp.ui bf35d02 
  vpn/l2tp/l2tpppp.ui 3c70165 
  vpn/l2tp/l2tppppwidget.cpp ffe2c2b 
  vpn/l2tp/l2tpwidget.h a161b53 
  vpn/l2tp/l2tpwidget.cpp a4ff42f 
  vpn/l2tp/nm-l2tp-service.h ac2ecc9 



This patch contains 3 things:
1) Add authentication with certificates
2) Make MRU/MTU editable
3) Fix an issue where PPP/Advanced settings were lost when the dialogs were not opened

The base for 1) and 2) was added to NetworkManager-l2tp here

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