Review Request 126949: Remove Air and Oxygen themes

Martin Klapetek martin.klapetek at
Tue Feb 2 17:57:16 UTC 2016

> On Feb. 2, 2016, 10:17 a.m., Marco Martin wrote:
> > maybe not oxygen, but i want to point out that i *do* maintain the Air theme
> Martin Klapetek wrote:
>     Then we got some fixing to do as this is how Air looks like here: (also notice the bottom frame of the controls)
>     I can file all these as bugs if you want.
> andreas kainz wrote:
>     There are missing icons from the oxygen plasma theme and in the future also in oxygen-icons. I will work on this but without this the theme is not that broken as you show in the screenshot when you use everything from oxygen (plasma theme, icons, window decoration, ...)
> Marco Martin wrote:
>     it's fine they are missing in the plasma themes, those themes were designed to have systray icons explicitly different (to change that, all of their icons can just be deleted and they will fallback)
> Marco Martin wrote:
>     what do you mean with the bottom frame of the controls?
> Martin Klapetek wrote:
>     @andreas - This is only about the Plasma theme, using different icons or window decoration has zero impact on the theme itself.
>     The Plasma theme has many broken things, here's a list of what I've noticed in just couple minutes:
>     * task manager buttons have too big margins; the icons are tiny and text is gone
>     * all button-based controls have strangely stretched bottom frame
>     * kicker has artifacts in the submenu corners that touch the parent menus
>     * the selection box in listviews is smaller than the items, making the icons in systray popup be painted outside of the selection rectangle
>     * placeholder text has no inner left padding on text inputs
>     * the blinking cursor in text inputs can be painted partially outside the input field
>     * sliders have artifacts in corners
>     * network manager has no selection painted on hover, it's missing quite a few graphical things it seems
>     * everything has a huuuuge shadow (although that may be a feature)
>'s not just about setting the theme and looking at the default desktop and making a screenshot. You have to use it for a while.
>     These are all fixable, but given the last useful commit in air/ was June 2014, I had considered this as unmaintained.
> Martin Klapetek wrote:
>     > what do you mean with the bottom frame of the controls?
>     Look at the button or the checkbox in my screenshot, their bottom frame looks huge.
> Marco Martin wrote:
>     many of those bugs are actually a symptom of bad compatibility with older themes (tough made worse by high dpi).
>     and this is actually a problem of plasma, as the compatibility of themes was, and still is a promise (and I had already had to modify things around in controls or plasmoids specifically to fix the look is some random old theme)
> Martin Klapetek wrote:
>     Yeah, I figured hidpi probably makes these details much more exposed. Another thing to consider is the number of bug reports with old themes. I remember a single one, I don't think there were that many more. Which either means that nobody uses old themes or that all good themes were updated to Plasma 5 already (or that Breeze is just perfect).
>     Maybe Air and Oxygen should then just be updated to not be "old" anymore? I imagine that when theme creators tested the old themes against Plasma 5(.0/.1), it looked broken and so they went ahead and fixed it on their side.
> Marco Martin wrote:
>     one regression over Plasma4 for instance is that it used to remove panel border paddings even to 0 if needed if the panel size went less that allowing for a smallmedium icon to be displayed. Breeze just happens to have tiny margins but it's just a peculiarity of that theme. that should be restored.
> Marco Martin wrote:
>     I am willing to work on both of them, to fix the few objective bugs, but most important to fix everything around it to have the behavior as identic as possible.
> Marco Martin wrote:
>     > Look at the button or the checkbox in my screenshot, their bottom frame looks huge.
>     I know, it's how is supposed to be, as the giant shadow.
>     there are only two actual bugs i can hee here or in the screenshot: that panel margins and the sliders grooves (tabbar indicators may also have a bit of extra side margins that shouldn't be there).
>     the rest you can say you don't like it, but it's how is supposed to look
> Marco Martin wrote:
>     so i would:
>     * fix the panel "decrease margins until icons are big enough" behavior that was implemented but broken
>     * do a couple of fixes in air of actual problems (already on my hard drive)
>     * remove custom icons in both themes
>     * fix another problem i found in push buttons because this is using the button shadow element, that breeze until the latest version didn't and if it wasn't for air's big bottom button shadows would have been undetected forever

> the rest you can say you don't like it, but it's how is supposed to look

You mean the buttons? I'm not sure, look at this:

It's from plasma4 compared to plasma5 (hidpi), notice how the controls have a solid 2px bottom frame while plasma4 has only a single pixel frame. It kind of looks like the theme in plasma5 is missing some opacity which would fade the bottom edge away or something.

> fix the panel "decrease margins until icons are big enough" behavior that was implemented but broken

Careful, it was broken with the new Breeze theme (the one for 5.5/5.17), then Eike fixed it. We need to ensure that doesn't break again.

- Martin

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On Feb. 1, 2016, 8:30 p.m., Martin Klapetek wrote:
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> (Updated Feb. 1, 2016, 8:30 p.m.)
> Review request for KDE Frameworks and Plasma.
> Bugs: 358533
> Repository: plasma-framework
> Description
> -------
> They are untested, unmaintained and most importantly, broken.
> Let's remove them from our releases and move them to for grabs.
> Diffs
> -----
>   src/desktoptheme/air/CMakeLists.txt 40ea382 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/colors 5c4e53d 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/dialogs/background.svgz 81ef460 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/dialogs/kickoff.svgz 40e2ae6 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/dialogs/krunner.svgz 1f6a64f 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/amarok.svgz e3c157e 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/audio.svgz 540cc77 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/battery.svgz 88f864e 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/configure.svgz a433b3c 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/device.svgz 23df094 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/document.svgz 6e89dd8 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/edit.svgz d0e1ca4 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/go.svgz ad3a4b2 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/kget.svgz 1f1702f 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/klipper.svgz 4afd33c 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/konv_message.svgz 10e31cd 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/konversation.svgz 376211a 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/kopete.svgz 5f41c4c 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/korgac.svgz 8c8f700 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/kpackagekit.svgz 234e6da 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/ktorrent.svgz dc623d8 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/list.svgz 0a25bb0 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/media.svgz 23653bd 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/nepomuk.svgz 5c8545e 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/network.svgz a8e8b16 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/notification.svgz db12260 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/preferences.svgz 12e6588 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/printer.svgz 199ab95 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/quassel.svgz b004749 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/slc.svgz 9fd376b 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/wallet.svgz 4ad3691 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/window.svgz eecc37f 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/icons/zoom.svgz c159491 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/metadata.desktop 0be4bd5 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/opaque/dialogs/background.svgz d2329ff 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/opaque/dialogs/krunner.svgz 2a2134f 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/opaque/widgets/extender-background.svgz e810ba4 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/opaque/widgets/panel-background.svgz 2a2134f 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/opaque/widgets/tooltip.svgz 2a2134f 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/translucent/dialogs/background.svgz 9b68062 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/translucent/dialogs/krunner.svgz 4c48b52 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/translucent/widgets/extender-background.svgz 799e798 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/translucent/widgets/panel-background.svgz 7783e3b 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/translucent/widgets/tooltip.svgz 7783e3b 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/action-overlays.svgz 4259105 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/actionbutton.svgz e1713ea 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/analog_meter.svgz f0d2163 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/arrows.svgz b987b32 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/background.svgz 174a8fc 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/bar_meter_horizontal.svgz 8031b77 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/bar_meter_vertical.svgz 1b0660d 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/branding.svgz c6316fb 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/busywidget.svgz f638cfb 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/button.svgz 2c529bf 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/calendar.svgz 2d80a49 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/checkmarks.svgz dcf2924 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/clock.svgz 3839dac 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/configuration-icons.svgz 9b212d3 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/containment-controls.svgz a3166ce 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/dragger.svgz 3629591 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/extender-background.svgz 4003079 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/extender-dragger.svgz 5bf3e0f 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/frame.svgz 327c284 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/glowbar.svgz 4a8a464 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/identiconshapes.svgz 67fe725 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/identicontheme.svgz ad881cd 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/labeltexture.svgz f52a78d 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/line.svgz 70efca4 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/lineedit.svgz 22347db 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/listitem.svgz ec7e89a 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/media-delegate.svgz e28b313 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/monitor.svgz 13a22fd 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/pager.svgz 2dcbbcd 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/panel-background.svgz 080a65d 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/picker.svgz c15eb0e 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/plot-background.svgz f4c7957 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/scrollbar.svgz c0ea8f5 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/scrollwidget.svgz 3281ad6 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/slider.svgz 107e627 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/systemtray.svgz 6e15351 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/tabbar.svgz 8e6684e 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/tasks.svgz f6ed0a9 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/toolbar.svgz 09ce09f 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/toolbox.svgz 138df24 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/tooltip.svgz 080a65d 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/translucentbackground.svgz 2aea33b 
>   src/desktoptheme/air/widgets/viewitem.svgz 82f9662 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/CMakeLists.txt 7854234 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/colors 760c109 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/dialogs/background.svgz 50589c5 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/dialogs/kickoff.svgz 994306e 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/dialogs/krunner.svgz eb4e196 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/metadata.desktop cb037d1 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/opaque/dialogs/background.svgz 6696739 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/opaque/dialogs/krunner.svgz a703868 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/opaque/widgets/extender-background.svgz cfcdc61 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/opaque/widgets/panel-background.svgz 77d20a7 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/opaque/widgets/tooltip.svgz 0c62a03 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/action-overlays.svgz 3020bff 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/actionbutton.svgz 8c31c2d 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/analog_meter.svgz ddf1acc 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/arrows.svgz 09f274c 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/background.svgz f9e4b1d 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/bar_meter_horizontal.svgz 6b2eeac 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/bar_meter_vertical.svgz 6d4c3c9 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/branding.svgz 70ba236 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/busywidget.svgz bcdfc59 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/button.svgz 4ac759d 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/calendar.svgz e784207 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/clock.svgz d2ec85e 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/configuration-icons.svgz ea73e6a 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/containment-controls.svgz 675cba4 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/dragger.svgz c4f8ce9 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/extender-background.svgz 7e5afab 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/extender-dragger.svgz 37c92ec 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/frame.svgz 7f5ce59 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/glowbar.svgz 557ff18 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/line.svgz f8f3d0e 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/lineedit.svgz 44b4ab6 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/media-delegate.svgz e28b313 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/monitor.svgz f005a57 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/pager.svgz 967015b 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/panel-background.svgz 13f2f69 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/plot-background.svgz 439b288 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/scrollbar.svgz d8a0557 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/scrollwidget.svgz 5e38523 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/slider.svgz f13f699 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/systemtray.svgz ad4e1a2 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/tasks.svgz 1ffa9d7 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/timer.svgz 43ceeee 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/toolbox.svgz 0f92dde 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/tooltip.svgz 33d0bb5 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/translucentbackground.svgz 47b418d 
>   src/desktoptheme/oxygen/widgets/viewitem.svgz cec433e 
> Diff:
> Testing
> -------
> Thanks,
> Martin Klapetek

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