Review Request 123448: Message dialog should be shown before we change a category in the "Desktop Settings"

Antonis Tsiapaliokas antonis.tsiapaliokas at
Tue Apr 21 15:04:22 UTC 2015

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Review request for Plasma.

Bugs: 346431

Repository: plasma-desktop


The "Wallpaper" and the  "Mouse Actions" category should always show
the message dialog if they have pending changes.

Futhermore there is no need to check if there are pending changes,
since we already know that because of the "Apply" Button.
So we don't need the  "configurationHasChanged" function anymore.


  desktoppackage/contents/configuration/AppletConfiguration.qml 9e61cc0 
  desktoppackage/contents/configuration/ConfigCategoryDelegate.qml 68301ad 




Antonis Tsiapaliokas

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