Review Request 123280: Kickoff - Properly register recent applications right after startup

Anthony Vital anthony.vital at
Thu Apr 16 16:26:07 UTC 2015

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Review request for Plasma.

Repository: plasma-desktop


This does two things:
- Instantiate the RecentlyUsedModel at startup, otherwise it's not available
until the History tab is opened and this leads to some mixing in the recent
apps list/the list not being updated until then.~~

- Move the registration of the service handler to the launcher, so that the
apps launched from the Favorites tab are registered without having to open
the Applications tab first.


  applets/kickoff/core/applicationmodel.cpp 9af58a36d5c3349ad1f2bffd0f7f93eebd99663e 
  applets/kickoff/core/recentapplications.cpp 6c60fedcca1b0818179171a2d65c36ed3dd66787 
  applets/kickoff/core/urlitemlauncher.cpp 58a6c20cec60ede54ea55d927064eaf8af9b4f46 



Launched applications from Favorites and Applications tab without opening the History tab first, items are added correctly.


Anthony Vital

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