Review Request 123382: System tray: Show more than 8 entries.

Antonis Tsiapaliokas antonis.tsiapaliokas at
Thu Apr 16 11:32:19 UTC 2015

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Review request for Plasma.

Bugs: 341165

Repository: plasma-workspace


When there are more than 8 hidden items in the system tray, the system tray doesn't show the rest.
This patch is changing the default height of the system tray based on the total count of all of our entries.
So if all of our entries become hidden, we will still have enought space to show all of them.


  applets/systemtray/package/contents/ui/main.qml fd59a14 



Everything works fine.
The opacity in the screenshots is because the popup is losing the focus..

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system tray with less items
system tray with more items


Antonis Tsiapaliokas

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