Review Request 123351: Display sddm loginprompt only on the primary monitor

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Mon Apr 13 13:18:29 UTC 2015

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Review request for Plasma and David Edmundson.

Repository: plasma-workspace


With the last comment, the login promt was displayed on every screen to
fix a multiscreen issue. But this introduces a bug when two monitors
are attached and the screens are configured to overlap and be mirrored
on both monitors.
This can happen when xorg is autoconfigured (kscreen isn't loaded in
sddm). In this case, two loginbars are created (because there are two
screens) but are both displayed on both monitors (because the
screens are overlapping).

With this change, there is only one loginbar on the primary monitor,
so this will not be a problem anymore. This is also the behavior of
other sddm themes, as well as GDM and Windows.

SDDM-BUG: #265 (, it's partly fixed with the last change to the login promt, but introduces this bug)


  lookandfeel/contents/loginmanager/Main.qml 6d24e7f842c5f379946102c533fe57272b1e026b 
  lookandfeel/contents/loginmanager/README.txt 0c5ed9f7fa27a29367ea741abedce3ddac74c549 
  lookandfeel/contents/loginmanager/dummydata/screenModel.qml 981f364886102d833cac0f12ee173eb725cd45f5 



Tested with one monitor (xorg autoconfiguration) and two monitors in the following configurations:
- xorg autoconfiguration
- both monitors side by side
- configuration to get a behavior similar to this: (This is the mentioned bug)
  This still draws the background multiple times, which could be overlapping depending on the order of the screens, which is ugly but usable. (Only in this configuration)
  A fix for this would require to sort out overlapping screens and choose the biggest one in sddm, but this gets complicated if one screens doesn't contain an other one completely,
  so I don't know how to fix this.


David Kahles

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