Minutes Monday Plasma Hangout

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at kde.org
Mon Apr 13 10:38:37 UTC 2015

Present: David Edmundson, David Rosca (welcome!), Harald, Jens, Jonathan, Kai 
Uwe, Marco, Martin, Sebastian

David (Edmundson)
* Moving standard paths bug has been fixed
* Fixed a bug in kglobalaccel

* Volume applet will get standalone test release to nail down the design and 
make it possible to do intermittend releases

* new wallpapers from the VDG / wallpaper contest have landed
* scripts to generate wallpapers have been contributed by someone new, they 
need checking, testing and verification

* 5.3 beta is ready to go out tomorrow
* Please review and amend: https://community.kde.org/Plasma/5.3_Errata
* Make noise for the beta on the web
* We'll want a kickoff meeting for Plasma 5.4 feature development
* Possible mismatch between Dolphin and Plasma, since they use different baloo 
* Discuss 5.4 schedule on the list

David Rosca
* installed udev rule for rfkill

Kai Uwe
* 0% battery on lock screen on desktop machine without batteries fixed

* Fixing bugs all over the place, will continue with that (only 190 bugs to go 

* tried to start kwin_wayland with systemd, failed so far
* looked into KMS (kernel mode settings) for kwin_wayland
* buffer age now working, provides flicker free graphics
* tested on raspberry pi 2, problems with opengl drivers on that device

* Looked into a problem loading dataengines on my machine, ported dataengine 
loading to KPluginLoader (with fallback to ksycoca)
* Worked on machinery for caching package metadata for faster querying and 
loading, in progress


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