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Sat Apr 11 17:19:09 UTC 2015

On Sun, Mar 29, 2015 at 12:20 AM, Andrew Lake <jamboarder at> wrote:

> Recently it was mentioned that it would be nice to get system settings a
> little more "breezy". The VDG has been working on a system settings design
> for a while and, after a little time trying to get the proposed designs
> closer to something that might be more easily implemented, the design has
> finally settled down.
> To respond to the very helpful feedback that it can be difficult to dig
> through the VDG forums to determine "settled" design proposals, we have
> collected the results of the forum discussion here:
> As noted on that page, this is *not* a proposal for the kcm designs; just
> the system settings application. So ignore the kcm mockups and focus on the
> system settings stuff. As always, we can tweak the proposal, as necessary,
> to adjust to implementation challenges.
> Hope this helps,

It totally helps :)

The main view with the new delegates looks awesome.

  - would there still be tooltips on hover?

  - there's a burger menu top right, what would be in it?

  - reset is changed to undo, is that a deliberate change?
(FWIW, I like it if it is.)

Technically almost all of this is very do-able.

We know when the save button in each module gets pressed, should be easy to
write the last n to a config file without having to modify each KCM.

Only thing I think we can't do is the subtext in the list on the left.
Probably best to proceed without that, rather than getting too hung up on

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