[plasma-devel] Re: Default wallpaper

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 16:04:18 UTC 2015

On Thursday 09 April 2015 13:06:32 Andrew Lake wrote:
> Thanks Johnathon,
> For clarity, David updated the intended 5.3 default wallpaper, Next. I
> added a few more wallpapers from the wallpaper competition (not default,
> but meant to be shipped).
> Hope that makes sense.

basically the idea is that in breeze there stays only one wallpaper, the 
default one,
while the other ones, usually photos, go in plasma-workspace-wallpapers in svn
so the git repo doesn't get too much clobbered in huge binaries (even with 
just the default one may become too big in the future tough)

Marco Martin

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