KGamma and Plasma

David Edmundson david at
Thu Apr 9 14:29:05 UTC 2015

A while back I ported kgamma to KF5, which is in a branch somewhere.

It's currently being released with applications, which doesn't really make
sense as it's a KCM. As far as I can tell the main author is inactive.

We have two options:
 - move kgamma to kde/workspace for Plasma 5.4
 - merge the code into plasma-desktop with the other kcms

I'm torn as on one hand I don't like having a lot of repos for tiny things
on the other gamma adjustment really isn't an essential thing, and I like
having a core -> extra stuff split.

It seems a month ago Lukas ported colord-kde, as I understand it these two
do basically the same thing but with competing implementations. So maybe
there's a 3rd option of going with that. The main author on that also seems
to have been inactive in that repo for a long time.


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