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Tue Apr 7 15:46:19 UTC 2015

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Review request for Plasma and Hugo Pereira Da Costa.


Submitted with commit 9f752a50102d0a310496ff7dc2f04111fb09a519 by David Edmundson to branch master.

Repository: breeze


Breeze checks if shadows are supported by checking for a property on the
root window. This is set by kwin at some point after startup.

This leaves a gap for apps/plasmashell to start, determine shadows are
not supported and then never render them for the lifespan of that app.

It also can't handle window managers being replaced.

I spoke to Martin Grasslin who suggested just enabling shadows regardless, it's not a lot of overhead to load one set of pixmaps even if we don't end up using it. The alternative is waking up every app every time the root windows prop changes, which is arguably worse longterm.


  kstyle/breezeshadowhelper.h d1be0dc 
  kstyle/breezeshadowhelper.cpp 2475076 



Logged out and logged back in a lot, plasma always got shadows. Same for session restored apps.

started dolphin under openbox, switched to kwin, shadows \o/


David Edmundson

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