Minutes Monday Plasma hangout

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Mon Mar 24 12:41:22 UTC 2014

Plasma 2 meeting, 24th April 2014

Present: Sebastian Kügler, Aleix Pol, Alex Fiestas, Antonis Tsiapaliokas, 
Giorgos Tsiapaliokas, David Edmundson, Marco Martin, Martin Gräßlin, Martin 
Klapetek, Rohan Garg

- transferring bugs into bugzilla
- working on Alpha release promo together with Jos
- Working with font designer on updating Oxygen font

- working on splitting kde-workspace repository
- sorting out dependencies between parts
- some overlap with dbus interfaces xml files
- splitting could happen

- Wants to do splitting on Wednesday
- discussed whether to include git history by default, or ony after importing 
  (bigger repos, more work splitting vs. easier access to history)
- will take a look at the details of this

- Working on Plasmate
- Fixed startpage, mainwindow, metadata editor
- Some bugs left, will continue working on them

- Most existing functionality in Plasmate is back in KF5 port
- Will blog about progress of Plasmate

- Returned from vacation, will bugfix

- worked on KRunner replacement UI (in kde-workspace, currently wraps Milou)
- Going through bugs in bugzilla, trying to fix where possible
- Worked on new theme, readying it for merge (planned today or soonish)
- Worked on splitting QML components into individual frameworks (kdeclarative, 
for example)

Martin G:
- rebased and merged outstanding Wayland patches in KWin
- will split kwin binary into kwin_x11 and kwin_wayland
- utils.h splitted and cleaned up
- started rewriting effect loading, remove likely to be deprecated methods
- continues working on the above to get it merged pre-split
- will help with split on kwin side

Martin K:
- Notifications rework merged
- Fixed some crashes in KNotifications framework
- Found performance issues with Plasma/KWin (could be due to Infinality 
Freetype patches)

- Fixed session in Neon5 ISO
- Will update Neon packages as split happens
- Please look at http://netrunner-linux.com/kf5/trusty.html and signal 
- New Qt will be built on Saturdays now in Neon5 ISOs


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