Review Request 116460: Footer clock fix

R.Harish Navnit harishnavnit at
Fri Feb 28 15:36:20 UTC 2014

Hi Maulik,

Let me try to elaborate what's being mentioned here, just in case things
weren't clear( I had to discuss the issue with sebas later on in the IRC to
really get a grip of what was going here).

On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 6:41 PM, Sebastian Kügler <sebas at> wrote:

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> This fix is wrong, it's merely trying to handle a symptom. The root cause of this erratic behavior is that we're making up our own time formatting code.
> The time format in the place where you and I live(assuming India) is in
AM/PM, but is not necessarily the same elsewhere. I too had sent(as sebas
mentioned) the a patch not considering the differing time formats in
different locations. That has to be taken care of :)

>  The right approach would entail:
> - Getting the right timezone (The time dataengine knows it)
> - Using a correct timeformatting function, such as Qt.formatDateTime or one in the org.kde.klocale import (as Bhushan notes)
> There is already a review request for this, you've probably seen it as you've CC:ed the author of that patch. You should, however, also have read the comments, as this "solution" is the exact same as in that patch. I'm not sure what's going on here, but you should try not to step on each others toes.
> Thanks for mentioning that :) I'm also working on the fix for the same
issue :P


Thanking You,
R.Harish Navnit
The Enigma <>
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