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Kevin Krammer krammer at
Wed Feb 26 19:28:03 UTC 2014

On Wednesday, 2014-02-26, 20:07:58, Marco Martin wrote:
> On Wednesday 26 February 2014 19:51:54 Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > > if some kind of api is done to link the whatever bindings are in the
> > > application that is using qtscript and the console (just something
> > > really
> > > easy, like run this string with a script) then i guess it would be
> > > realistic provising a console like that in a public library
> > 
> > I am most likely confused by the terminology :-)
> > 
> > So do I understand this correctly that it needs to be part of a specific
> > process, not just any process with a script engine.
> no no, just the same process in which the script engine is, unless you want
> to expose a full api to run scripts via dbus, but that's a security issue

Ah, ok. My assumption was always in-process, something like instantiating a 
"script console" class and passing in the QScriptEngine to operate on.

My context is that I have been experiementing with QtScript and Akonadi APIs 
but non-interactive is only good for "extension downloads", not for actual 
user scripting.
The latter needs some way for user to discover capabilities and experiement.

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