Review Request 115764: Make playlist model aware of currently playing media

Shantanu Tushar shantanu at
Wed Feb 26 16:07:32 UTC 2014

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Review request for Plasma, Sinny Kumari and Sujith Haridasan.

Repository: plasma-mediacenter


We have lots of issues because of the fact that the playlist model is not aware of what is playing right now and what is current index for the ListView. Additionally logic was thrown here and there in C++ and QML. This patch makes the model aware of the conect of currently playing index and it also makes sure that the model is in control of what is playing and how to play next/previous.

This patch should not break any existing functionality except that changing playlist will make the current media to stop. This is to have consistency in what is playing and what the model can deduce it is playing. This will be improved in an upcoming patch but other things should keep working.


  libs/mediacenter/playlistmodel.cpp 9c1dea9 
  mediaelements/playlist/MultiplePlaylists.qml d94fe6e 
  mediaelements/playlist/Playlist.qml fd83c21 
  mediaelements/playlist/PlaylistDelegate.qml e1bd31d 
  shells/newshell/application.cpp adc95dc 
  shells/newshell/mainwindow.h d918e3d 
  shells/newshell/mainwindow.cpp 7f7f31d 
  shells/newshell/package/contents/ui/mediacenter.qml b6cb87c 
  libs/mediacenter/multipleplaylistmodel.h 06b64df 
  libs/mediacenter/multipleplaylistmodel.cpp f2c9246 
  libs/mediacenter/playlistmodel.h f79f814 



Tested with usual playback and with passing multiple files as command line parameters.


Shantanu Tushar

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