Minutes Monday Plasma hangout

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Mon Feb 24 11:59:03 UTC 2014

Minutes Monday Meeting 24.2.2014

Present: Antonis Tsiapaliokas, David Edmundson, Giorgos Tsiapaliokas, Ivan 
Cukic, Marco Martin, Martin Gräßlin, Jens Reuterberg, Sebastian Kügler

- Merged branch of Plasmoidviewer into frameworks branch
- Has work on the startpage up his sleeve

- Will followup by email

- Freed plasmate from KDE4Support

- Worked on issues rgd. threading in KAMD
- Issue w/ activitie switching hanging in ksmserver (?)
- Working on switcher, plan to ready left bar for first release
- Working on getting wallpaper previews in Activity Manager

- Work on new theming is going
- Some issues wrt workflow need discussing

- Worked towards finishing panel management: 
  - resizing and restoring works with different settings
  - panel controller widget
  - Needs integration with new screenedges for autohode
- Some more work on hi-dpi branch
shadows above panel during hiding

Martin K:
- worked on notifications positioning
- created KWindowSystem declarative plugin (will finish next)
- Frameworks Alpha 2 is looming: to finish KNotifications framework
- To work on OSD after 

Martin G:
- Worked on statusnotifieritem support in Qt (Qt 5.4 material)
- Ported KInfoCenter, 
- added Wayland module to KInfoCenter
- Fixed appmenu for Qt4 (broken for Qt5)
- Wants to remove Motif hints from NETWM implementation

- Fixed flickering in kwin effects icm backgound contrast effect
- Fixed flickering in slidingpopups animation
- Fixed Kickoff: 
  - search bar, 
  - search now returns results
  - ported locations, places and services runner (all confirmed working)
  - ported bookmarks partly (WIP, chromium bookmarks missing right now)

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