Review Request 115923: Render SvgItem natively rather than going through QQuickPaintedItem

Marco Martin notmart at
Mon Feb 24 10:00:08 UTC 2014

On Saturday 22 February 2014, Sebastian Kügler wrote:
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> I've run your native_render_frame branch for a bit, some observations on my
> system:
> - It mostly works
> - taskbar doesn't find some elements in the svg, leading to lots of
> messages like this: plasma_shell(11872)/default QSvgTinyDocument::draw:
> Couldn't find node normalbottomright. Skipping rendering. - we seem to be

here the main problem seems that is broken the rendering of a single svg 
so for things like the expander arrows in the taskbar, the whole svg is 
rendered and the sizes of the items seems also to be reported incorrectly (so 
for instance my panel toolbox isn't usable because has size 0

Marco Martin

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