Review Request 115934: [kinfocenter] Make GLX and EGL not mutual exclusive

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Fri Feb 21 13:48:52 UTC 2014

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Review request for Plasma and David Stephen Hubner.

Repository: kde-workspace


[kinfocenter] Make GLX and EGL not mutual exclusive

GLX and EGL can both be used at the same time. What cannot be used
is OpenGL and OpenGLES at the same time. In the complete detection
code there is only one GLES specific include and one function call.
Everything else is just EGL specific. Thus it is nice to get the
information about GLX and EGL at the same time.

The compile time switches are reworked to have a KCM_HAVE_GLX which
is defined to 1 in case that we build for OpenGL (GLX is no-no if
we build for OpenGLES) and a KCM_HAVE_EGL if EGL library is found.
This can be used in both cases.

All the code which used to be ifdefed for OpenGL specific becomes
ifdefed for GLX specific and all the code specific for OpenGLES
becomes EGL specific with the exception of the eglBindAPI which
still needs to be in the GLES ifdef.

The detection code is split into two methods: one for GLX and one
for EGL and both are run depending on which defines are set.

As a slight unrelated change the name "OpenGL/ES" is split via
ifdefs in "OpenGL" and "OpenGL ES". The cases are clearly different
and that should be reflected in the UI and not mixed together.

[kinfocenter] Do not tie OpenGL config to KWin

Depend on how Qt is configured, not how KWin is configured. KWin
doesn't matter anymore as it uses the Qt configuration itself.


  kinfocenter/Modules/CMakeLists.txt e885835f2f75b791d36ecc4c5a411c120fdda117 
  kinfocenter/Modules/opengl/CMakeLists.txt d049094fe0e798ea7ff128dbaf93c0ebc0bdba72 
  kinfocenter/Modules/opengl/opengl.cpp 601337f071452eca7a3add127e8e1ff1586bbef0 
  kinfocenter/Modules/opengl/openglconfig.h.cmake bd8f4716e1d653a143b12040d89979639f112d6f 



Only tested with my Mesa powered system. Would be nice if someone with a proprietary driver could also test this.


Martin Gräßlin

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