Review Request 115903: slidingpopups claim windowClosedGrabRole earlier

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Thu Feb 20 13:39:56 UTC 2014

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Review request for kwin and Plasma.

Bugs: 329991

Repository: kde-workspace


slidingpopups claim windowClosedGrabRole earlier

This seems like a more proper fix for the flickering issue in the
sliding popups effect. The problem is that slidingpopups grabs the
window in windowClosed, the fade effect checks it there, which makes
it racy.

In my tests, I've not seen this problem with the WindowAddedGrab, but
as far as I understand, the problem may well be present there as well.
(And my proposed trick doesn't work.) I've not seen this happening in my
debugging, however. The problem there is also less visible since the
transparency curves go into the same direction, and are more "in line
with each other".

So, proposed fix: Move the setData(WindowClosedGrabRole, ...) call from
windowClosed into windowAdded, which makes sure it's set whenever the
window goes away.

constness for list

Force backgroundcontrast during slidingpopup animations

This fixes the sliding popups losing their contrast effect when
animating, less flicker.

In this patch, we temporarily force the contrast effect on, but only if
it hasn't been explicitely disabled. As soon as the animation stops, the
force flag is disabled again. For disappearing windows, we just set the
flag in the same way, but skip over the bookkeeping, since the window is
going to be deleted, anyway.


  kwin/effects/slidingpopups/slidingpopups.cpp 99c3bfe 



No flickering observed anymore when closing the window. No side-effects visible. With print-debugging, I verified that the WindowClosedGrabRole flag is now picked up.


Sebastian Kügler

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