Proposal: make libplasmaquick semi-privare

Marco Martin notmart at
Thu Feb 20 12:44:45 UTC 2014

On Thursday 20 February 2014 12:45:15 David Edmundson wrote:
> Can I request moving SVG and FrameSVG into PlasmaQuickPrivate


> 1) I need to tweak the API to get rid of the paint() methods and
> instead add render hints to the pixmap() method
> 2) I want to destroy most of FrameSVG :)
> 3) I want to put in an implicit sharing of QSGTextures, exposed via
> Plasma::SVG would make sense (I think) which makes them Quick related.

i want to keep those two classes mostly qimage based

i want them usable from any application and not specific to qml in any way

Marco Martin

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