Review Request 115857: Fix flickering of sliding popups while disappearing

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Wed Feb 19 12:34:54 UTC 2014

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for kwin and Plasma.

Repository: kde-workspace


Fix flickering of sliding popups while disappearing

The last frame was fully painted for Plasma 2 panel popups, as it's
repainted in full on the last frame (without opacity and position
transformations applied).

Removing the repaint on this last frame makes the popups disappear
smoothly for me, without other side-effects such as artifacts on the
screen or other repaint problems.


  kwin/effects/slidingpopups/slidingpopups.cpp fd697f0c62e9099d4be71e1f9d99e64ecb5ff663 



Ran kwin with this on Intel driver, flickering is gone in Plasma 2 and Yakuake 4.x.


Sebastian Kügler

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