[plasma-mediacenter] shells/newshell: Merge branch 'shantanu-sinny-media-caching'

Shantanu Tushar shantanu at kde.org
Sun Feb 16 12:49:07 UTC 2014

Git commit b574f17b803d4c355b6f354dde0634026d536cd4 by Shantanu Tushar.
Committed on 16/02/2014 at 12:41.
Pushed by shantanu into branch 'master'.

Merge branch 'shantanu-sinny-media-caching'

This implements a media cache for PMC which is populated by one or more
media sources. The media sources can be plugins, currently the one that
we have pulls data from Nepomuk.

The media cache is stored in a SQLite database and accessed using an ORM
layer called ODB. The README, especially the build instructions have been
updated. If you have trouble building or have a concern, please drop an
email to plasma-devel at kde.org

Finally, PMC now also contains test for the new media library code and hope
is that the core libs/ will get good test coverage soon.

CCMAIL: plasma-devel at kde.org

M  +10   -0    shells/newshell/main.cpp


diff --cc shells/newshell/main.cpp
index 377ba70,ea2cb75..3100d4f
--- a/shells/newshell/main.cpp
+++ b/shells/newshell/main.cpp
@@@ -62,13 -65,15 +66,19 @@@ int main(int argc, char *argv[]
      options.add("disable-opengl", ki18n("Starts Plasma Media Center without OpenGL support"));
      options.add("+[Url]", ki18nc("@info:shell", "Document to open"));
 +    KUniqueApplication::addCmdLineOptions();
 +    if( !KUniqueApplication::start() ) {
 +        qDebug() << "Plasma Mediacenter is already running";
 +        return 0;
 +    }
 -    KApplication app;
+     SingletonFactory::instanceFor<MediaLibrary>()->start();
+     qRegisterMetaType< QHash<int,QVariant> >("QHash<int,QVariant>");
+     MediaSourcesLoader mediaSourcesLoader;
+     mediaSourcesLoader.load();
 -    MainWindow *mw  = new MainWindow;
 -    mw->show();
 +    Application app;
      return app.exec();

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